Art and Science Converge

We have a passion for bringing emotion to spaces through innovative lighting design. The scientific principles of lighting design are the same for everyone and can quickly be learned, but using the science and tools of lighting to create meaningful artistic effects is where we excel. Great design demands both science and art, and it starts with a vision. 

We are known for our impeccable eye for every detail. And we understand how riveting, beautiful interior design and architecture deserve to be shown in the best light. Every lighting solution is carefully chosen to match the look, connection, and function of each space.

We have the ultimate creativity.

Our team is comprised of true artists. Some of us are painters, sculptures, and musicians. We explore other mediums of art and bring those into our design.

We are tenacious.

We spend the time making sure our clients gain as much value for the projects through the pricing process and on-time delivery.

what makes us unique

Our Team

Scott Oldner

Lighting Designer, Owner


Scott Oldner has designed lighting since 1990, as an engineer and a lighting designer. Scott’s work in commercial, retail, hospitality and public venues has garnered him several awards and honors, including the prestigious Craig Roeder Memorial Award in 1999 and 2000 as well as 18 Illumination Awards of Merit from 1998 to 2017. He enjoys fine wine, vegan cuisine and jumping on stage to play his brand of Texas rock-n-roll. Scott’s designs maximize the visual and emotional content for all project types and all construction budgets.

Mark Keilson

Senior Lighting Designer


Mark has spent the last 39 years creating award-winning lighting designs all over the world. His spectacular work has garnered multiple awards and he has even been featured on the cover of Architecture Digest and other industry leading publications. Mark has always enjoyed creating something extraordinary while building relationships with his clients. He's an educator and loves bringing them along in the process. Mark believes that without lighting design, “The space is incomplete.” Now that he’s here, we feel the same about him.

Andrew Gauld

Senior Lighting Designer


Since August 2014 – Andrew is creative and experienced, Scottish born world traveler and dedicated lighting artist. He has seen so much in his experience that we rely on his vision and thorough methodologies to make the vision happen. Reliable, dedicated and forward thinking. His designs are all over the planet and he is our International Dark Sky Association specialist knowing how to get great design without light pollution into the night sky or across property lines. He has designed lighting for City Parks, City Streets, Multi-Family, Commercial Office, Residential projects and well as the largest private yacht on the planet earth. Having met a captivating Texan woman in Greece, they married and moved to Austin to create a beautiful family. His Scottish accent is soft and getting more Texan every year, y’all.

Ross Murphy

Senior Lighting Designer


Since January 2019 – Ross is our Director of Excellence, spearheading the charge to be what no one else can be. Ross spent 12 years practicing architecture and refined his lighting and sales skills for 9 years as a lighting sales and design rep. Ross’s energy is infectious, his dedication unwavering, his creativity boundless and his technical skills solid as a rock. The symphonic musician side comes out in his spirit of collaboration and the caring, eloquent way that he educates and gains consensus in design. His lighting toolbox is vast and as unique as his ponytail, rock and roll jewelry and love for antique watch making.

Michael Griffin

Senior Lighting Designer - Hospitality Specialist

Since September 2018 – Michael spent the last 21 years as an interior architect and interior designer for hospitality environments with his creations gracing the covers of Hospitality Design magazine and more. He also got a short taste of what it’s like to be a lighting designer early in his career and now he’s back and creating visuals by painting light on the design canvas of others. His design skills are right on the money and has a vision backed up by a tenacity for details. His gentle character fits into our design environment and yours and he brings out the best in the people around him and in his and others designs. Come by the office at lunch and watch him create magical art on paper with marker.

Francesca Sykes

Lighting Designer

Since 2018 - Francesca is sharp, energetic, creative with an education and experience in Interior Design. Her flair for the theatrical is exhibited by her personal style and fun lighting concepts. She is the Director of Get It Done with full responsiveness and commitment to getting the visual and leave you confident in that the task will be completed on time and with excellence.

Jackie Ray

Lighting Systems Specialist

Since 2006 - With his solid background in building and running computer systems, Jackie has a unique talent to not only know lighting design but also programming and startup of white light and colored lighting control systems. His troubleshooting skills are required in getting today's highly technical and complicated systems to work flawlessly. We use color changing systems in a sophisticated and unique way, combining system inherent color movements with video that makes sense and is artistic. Jackie makes that happen and rocks the bowler hat and tattoos as he pulls the levers of the Wizard on the laptop.

“I have worked with Scott and his team on three high-rise residential projects and I would rate the experience and result as outstanding. Attention to detail and hands on field installation/field adjustment ensures that the end result exceeds our expectations. I whole heartedly recommend Oldner Lighting.”

-- Charlie Richmond, Texas Architect / Senior Project Manager GDA Architects, LLC | Dallas