Oldner Lighting Design Process

Oldner is a full-service architectural lighting design firm. In any lighting design project, there is a lot on the line. Money, time, and the reputation of the firm are always at stake.

With decades of experience behind us, we have created a process of accountability, responsibility, and transparency. Our clients and project owners always know where we are in the project, the cost, challenges, and timeline through this process. We are just as proud of the long-lasting relationships we have forged as we are of the beautiful spaces we created together.

Emotion Is the Key

Whether the result will be relaxing, romantic, or energetic, it must convey the right, desired emotional response. All lighting designers use ambient light, focal light, and sparkle to accentuate features. As we consider each element, we do it with an eye toward how it contributes to the overall look that will deliver a stunning visual and impression.

Pricing Philosophy

When it comes to lighting fixtures, we want to make sure the prices are fair. We also want to provide the best value for the money.

We follow a “good, better, best” protocol when showing options for fixtures. The correct equipment costs for the right price are crucial to controlling budgets. We price on the schematic, usually on a square foot basis. We also price on design/development. We confirm the pricing through the construction document process, including fixtures and controls, using multiple independent sources. We do our research.

When a project goes out to bid, we know what the pricing should be. Following our “good, better, best” protocol, we price the project using the best equipment for the job. We also provide pricing for the “better” and “good” levels, validating how substitutions would affect project cost.

How We Work Together

When working on a project, our first job is to listen. Lighting changes the perception of objects and surfaces it is vital that we actively listen to our partners at all stages of the project.

At each step we bring our unique experience and knowledge to the project. To maximize the visual for the dollars available, we work diligently to lower costs without sacrificing the quality that the building or space deserves.

Collaborating with the project owner by listening and sharing knowledge throughout each phase of design is where the true magic happens.

“Oldner Lighting is an invaluable part of our design, providing outstanding creativity, pricing support and care that help make our projects as wonderful as they are. They understand lighting can make or break a design, they make ours stand out and award winning.”

-- Gero Temesvary, Senior project architect Studio 11 Design