Lighting Design Makes the Difference

Our approach is tailored. Not only tailored for design- meaning we put the right fixture in the right place for the right lighting effect, but our approach is tailored for each customer’s demographic. Every project has a personality.

Landscape artists and interior designers bring in textures and color and we want to respond to that through lighting, maximizing the visual and emotional connection. All lighting designers use ambient light, focal light, and sparkle, but we tailor that to each space to make sure we are meeting the desired effect of the space. 

"Put your brilliance in its best light." - Scott Oldner

“Scott and the designers at Oldner Lighting are among the finest lighting professionals I’ve worked with. Oldner is always collaborative, curious, and they make the effort to understand what SWA is desiring to achieve in our work. I really appreciate their constant search for a bit of “whimsy” in their design.”

-- Chuck McDaniel, FASLA, Managing Principal SWA Group