Oldner Lighting Design Brings Your Brilliance to Light

Oldner Lighting is an award winning full-service interior, exterior and landscape architectural lighting design firm. We serve entertainment, hospitality, restaurant, commercial, multi-family and residential projects worldwide.

As members of the International Association of Lighting Design, we value industry standards, transparency and collaboration. With over two hundred unique projects completed since 1998, we leverage our vast experience every step of the way.

We help you shine with renderings, REVIT and CAD plans, illustrations, and cost controls for professional project management. We pride ourselves on providing transparent pricing to support proper budget controls. We know the best quality of equipment at every budget level and leverage our relationships to get the best value. Our work delivers more savings than the price of our fees.

Multi-Discipline Professional Team

The Oldner Lighting team comprises lighting designers who are professionally trained architects, interior designers, agency representatives, programming and controls specialists, and electrical engineers.

Our team shares a love of art and creativity.  Lighting Design is functional but is truly an artistic expression that evokes emotion and memorability. We explore all the colors, textures, and forms of the project space while bringing out its character with a powerful emotional impact.

Our design and painless proposal processes ensure transparent, ethical, and appropriate pricing for design, regardless of budget. Our objective with every project is to maximize the visual impact and the functionality of the space.

"Maximizing ROI - Return on Illumination" - Scott Oldner

Light On!

Respond, resonate, respect, and rock are our fundamental principles. These are the ideals that guide all we do and who we are. Promptly, we reply to our client's questions, requirements, and wishes. We connect with your project to bring out beauty, style, and emotion. We respect one another and recognize that everyone is on a different level and comes from various backgrounds. We leverage the collective genius. We want to provide a rocking experience working with every project team.

"Light is the emotion of space." – Scott Oldner

Knowledge Center

Renderings Gallery

Our renderings are tailored to capture a project's essence and allow you to see various lighting options in real-time. See our current projects in their conceptual phase.

Sunport Airport

Sunport Airport is one of the most unique airports in the world. Known for its distinct southwestern architecture and cultural décor, New Mexico's most prominent commercial airport welcomes over 5 million passengers each year.

Using Light Layers in Architectural Lighting Design

“Light layers” is not a common expression for most people. Google it and you’ll get a lot of search results about hairstyling. For lighting designers, light layering is part of a lexicon we share with architects and interior designers. Each layer represents a different type of light or lighting technique, commonly referred to as ambient, task, and accent lighting. I prefer more descriptive terms – ambient, focal, and sparkle light – the Big Three of architectural lighting design.

Interior Lighting Design for Mood

Interior lighting design for the proper mood in a home or office doesn’t always get the attention it requires. The potential for affecting enjoyment and performance is routinely missed or at least, not optimized.

“I’ve known Scott and SOLD lighting for over 10 years and have not met a more energetic lighting design company. SOLD is the group I’ve always depended on for innovative lighting solutions in our luxury multifamily projects across the country. Scott’s passion for lighting is only exceeded by his love for music, family and a decidedly strong hat game.”

-- Jeremy Williams, Vice President Development Embrey Partners