Maple Terrace

Since its construction as a luxury apartment building in 1924, Maple Terrace in Uptown, Dallas, has been a landmark property. The renovation will mark its first transition from a residential to a commercial office by extending the facility to incorporate a glass and steel curtain wall building that fits perfectly into the courtyard part of the c-shaped structure.

Built to be distinguished

Hines Properties' concept for the site involves the renovation of the historic building and the construction of a high-rise residential complex behind the existing structure. With new landscape design and the addition of sculptural art throughout, the property will distinguish itself as one of Dallas' most comfortable, classic, forward-thinking, and unique residences.

Glowing history

The lighting will reflect the historical aspects of the existing building while emphasizing the new glass structure behind it. The new glass structure will use a more modern lighting method to highlight the architecture, giving it a distinct style at night.

Cutting edge

The building's lighting will be LED and managed by a master system to satisfy all LEED requirements. The master control system is also for aesthetic reasons, ensuring a beautiful, balanced visual inside and out, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A warm LED tone is utilized on the outside and inside of the structure, offering a relaxed, natural tone that matches the warm, comfortable atmosphere, you receive at home.

Maple Terrace - COURTYARD GAZEBO.jpg
Maple Terrace - OFFICE TOWER.jpg

Architect for residential and record architect GFF Architects

Architect for commercial office and restaurants - 5g Architecture

Landscape SWA Group Dallas

Interior Design - Rottet Studio

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